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Nestled mid-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California's Central Coast provides an abundance of adventure to satisfy just about everyone's tastes. Ranging from Oxnard/Ventura on the south to the Monterey Bay area on the north, California's Central Coast offers beaches to mountains, brocolli to grapes, nature preserves to shopping malls, cultural diversity, wonderful weather, fine dining and great hospitality.

Located in the center of the Central Coast; the City of Santa Maria is the perfect jumping-off point for visitors or residents alike. Santa Maria is home to Santa Maria Style Barbecue, extraordinary wineries (care to get "Sideways"?) and only a short day trip away from numerous other adventures.

Central Coast Travels is devoted to bringing you a sampling of the California Central Coast. We bring you only the good stuff - adventures we've enjoyed ourselves and feel are worthy of sharing with friends. So....sit back, relax and explore the California Central Coast.


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